A Device for When Earth’s on Mute

Emmerse by Dan Carrillo

You know it happens sometimes. Someone gets a remote like in those sci-fi movies or Adam Sandler walks by and boom, you can’t hear a thing! It’s crap! So what do you do? You get ahold of Dan Carrillo. That guy will hook you up with a combo that cannot be beat for the sound-impared. The “Emmerse” system uses glasses, a wristband, and an itsy-bitsy clampable keyboard. Speak or see, type or view.

The glasses are where half of the magic happens. In them, you can see text of the person you’re conversing with, complete with tone (like if they’re totally pissed), and icons. The icons you see in the first picture below are these icons. Don’t get hit by a bus!

Then the keyboard: it’s like one of those click-bracelets that were hot fashion for kids in the 1990’s. On this you can type in what you’d like to say and it’ll be spoken aloud by the wristband in a voice derived from you, the user. Alternatively, the keyboard can display your text on it’s back, just incase you’re in the library.

I wish it also had sensors so I could target enemies and one extra accessory missile launcher that I could mount to the back of a truck.

Designer: Dan Carrillo



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