Gesture Design at Nokia (Video)

Nokia is exploring the field of mobile device gesture control with designers Younghee Jung and Joe Macleod at the helm.  This year at CES, rumors finally met the eyes of the eager and the curious as innovators, developers and designers presented their ideas and tools which will marry the world of the conscious and even subconscious human gesture with the world of advanced mobile technology.
As part of their fieldwork, Jung and Macleod asked people from various countries and cultures to play out scenarios of how they might perform a task with a gesture that feels natural to them.  Responses included: people flipping their device to silence the ringer, giving it a good squeeze to shut it up, putting their index finger over their mouth to shush it, or simply covering the phone with their palm. The strangest and most notable, perhaps foreshadowing the next step in mobile innovation (”intention development”?), was a simple stare directed at the phone with a rather annoyed look.

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