Nokia To Crowdsource Smartphone Concept

Nokia Crowdsource Smartphone

Earlier this week, Nokia began what will be a three-month experiment into crowdsourced design, the end result being a smartphone prototype that is entirely built on community-led specifications. The project, called Design by Community, will enlist feedback from users at seven separate stages of the concepting process through a series of guided questions in the areas of display and user interface, size and shape, materials, operating system, connectivity, camera and enhancements. The goal of Nokia’s systematic approach is to engage the crowd around a set of parameters to ensure the resulting inputs are more useful.

To bolster the ongoing participation in the venture, each week the site will be feature exclusive content such as interviews with Nokia designers, opinions from key bloggers and insights into what goes into creating a product from scratch. Following a final vote by the public, the smartphone concept will be unveiled in May.

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