‘Eyephone’ Lets Your Eyes Control Your Phone

Apparently, using fingers to navigate a smartphone is just too much trouble. According to MIT’s Technology Review, researchers at Dartmouth University have developed a system that allows users to operate a cell phone with their eyes. Cleverly dubbed Eyephone, the system, which you can see in action in this video, divides the phone’s screen into nine areas, and identifies when the eye is focused on a particular spot. The user simply moves the phone until the eye is lined up with the desired icon, and then blinks to select it. During tests, Eyephone, which currently runs on a Nokia n810, was 76-percent accurate during daylight hours when users were standing still, and 60-percent accurate when they were walking.

However, there are still some major hurdles to clear before this technology could become available to consumers. The existing algorithms, which identify a person’s eye under different conditions, aren’t very accurate, largely due to the movements of both user and phone, changes in lighting and other conditions. Because of a cell phone’s screen size and average distance from the user, eye movements are extremely subtle, which makes gestures harder to detect. But if this technology can be fine-tuned, eye-tracking systems might provide yet another alternative to the old mouse and keyboard combo. [From: Technology Review]

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