Blackberry Case Designs

FOC Talents assignment 2010-Q2 was created together with Freshfiber and we asked the Talents to design a case for the Blackberry Bold 9700. We have received 14 entries and Mid-July the jury result will be published on the FOC website, but Freshfiber has already selected 4 designs which will be further developed for commercialization.  Although these are just the concepts and not the final products, we could not wait to share them with you! Here is an overview of the 4 selected designs:

Read more about the selected Blackberry case designs below‘I heart downtown’ – Sam Abbott
Sam Abbott about the inspiration for his design: “The Blackberry is associated with a metropolitan and multi-tasking lifestyle, just like life in a city. The I heart downtown Blackberry case is constructed from many elements of this life, complete with skyline, cars, people, graffiti and even some pigeons. Reminding us why we love life in a city.”

‘B100’ – Peter Hermans

Peter Hermans his intro: “Ahhh…the good old days! Remember when your phone couldn’t fit in your pocket? When you could mistake your sim card for your creditcard? When simply picking up the phone was exercise in itself? No? Me neither. Still, there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia.”
And then he clarifies the concept: “This Blackberry B100 case was inspired by – and is names after – the criminal mastermind from Dutch 80’s children’s show ‘ Bassie & Adriaan’. How’s that for nostalgia! Also inspired by IBM thinkpads and practically any 80’s mobile phone. It’s soo retro that it is contemporary again. Soo ugly that you will want one. Oh and the antenna may not be functional, it is retractable!”

‘Freshfibers’ – Josien Pieters
Josien Pieters about her design: “Why would you use a case only to protect your phone, when you can also use it for connecting to people, expressing your creativity or simply spicing up your Blackberry? Your freshfibers will tell a story and your case will keep evolving along with you. You start with a mono colored version matching with the designated color of your country. So now that you have your own fibers, you can start your search and swap them with users from other countries. After a trip to Australia you will have that fresh color that none of your friends have!”

‘Linguini’– Lionel Dean
Lionel Dean: “You’re serious about your networking. You need your Blackberry always to hand. You wear it around your neck in a case that holds it upside down. That way you just grab it and respond.”

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