NEC develops thin, flexible and ‘practical’ Organic Radical Battery

NEC first announced its super-thin Organic Radical Battery (or ORB) technology a full five years ago, but it’s now finally back with what it describes as the first “practical” prototypes of the batteries. While these new batteries are about twice as thick as NEC’s first such units, they’re still only 0.7 mm thin, and are apparently much more reliable while also delivering 1.4 times more output (specifically, a capacity of 5mAh). The key to that boost, it seems, are some newly developed, highly conductive cathodes, which consists of some solid organic radical material that were turned into a gel and then uniformly compounded with carbon materials. What does that mean for actual consumers? Well, if NEC has its way, the batteries could be a thin, flexible power source for things like smart cards, wearable devices, and flexible e-paper displays.

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