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“Thimble”: Another smartphone enabled concept for the visually impaired


You might recall the very impressive “Blinput” concept by Scotland-based design student Erik Hals from earlier this month. Well now it seems that the visually impaired could be spoiled for choice with student design projects, as University of Washington design students Erik Hedberg and Zack Bennet offer up another, potential revolutionary, smartphone application for the blind. Continue reading


Modai cellphone forges emotional bond between user and electronics

modai cellphone concept

The trend

With majority of cellphone users looking for multiple functions in mobile handsets, the focus of smartphone designers has been shifting toward touch-sensitive phones that can meet communication as well as multimedia needs through a single device. The popularity of touch-sensitive handsets can well be measured with the fact that over 20 different touchscreen-enabled phones, though with diverse form and functions, have been released in past two years. Taking the mobile phone technology, evolving day after day, to a new level, designer Julius Tarng has come up with an innovative cellphone called the “Modai” that seems to forge emotional bonds between the user and electronic devices by persuading human behaviors and pushing the limits of mobile technology.

Video after the break. Continue reading

Voim Smartphone for the Visually Impaired

Voim (seeing in Korean) is a smartphone concept for the blind that includes functions to make communication easier. It features route navigation, word recognition and object identification, which are displayed as braille on a silicon screen or transmitted as audio cues via the detachable bluetooth headset. Although smartphone applications & braille cell phones do exists, a full-fledged concept like this is a ways away.

Designers: Youngseong Kim & Eunsol Yeom

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The Era of the Thinking Phone

Nokia has introduced a cellphone app that could usher in a new wave of “thinking” phones: Nokia Situations essentially transforms a phone depending on the situation or location of its user. While still in an experimental phase, Nokia Situations aims to “define how you want your phone to behave in different situations.”

The Nokia Blog explains:

We have created an experimental application called Nokia Situations which you can use to define how you want your phone to behave in different situations, like “In a meeting”, “Sleeping”, or “Playing with the kids”.  With the application running in the background, your device automatically senses the situation you are in (e.g. based on time, day, location, available networks) and adapts to it according to your preferences.

Floating 3D Touchscreen Panels

Recently showcased at Tokyo Pack 2010, the DNP and ZeroUnit’s series of AirZero digital signage units make use of 3D projection to create displays that float in the air. The viewer does not need to wear any special glasses, nor do their eyes get tired after watching the footage for a long time. Further, even in brightly lit locations the 3D display is still very visible and the footage itself does not require special editing to be projected. Continue reading

November Hot Links

‘Hot Links’ will provide you regularly with links to 10 new Web services and applications that might indicate interesting trends. This service is brought to you jointly by T-Labs and P&I Product Portfolio Management.

SplashTab – Customized Facebook fan pages:
SplashTab easens building corporate Facebook fan pages. Users can create and design customized tabs (sub pages), e.g. for the purpose of promotions, events, or sales.

COPIA – Social eBooks:
COPIA is an eBook platform with social networking features. Users can share their library, follow others with similar interests and discuss – even within the discussed eBook. Continue reading

Insights Captured Via Mobile App During Live Sporting Events

To help share some of their creative process with the world, interaction design shop Mint Digital has recently opened up a handful of prototype mobile apps to their community for insights into which should be fully developed. One that stood out to us is the Baseball Matchup app, which takes a look at how data can be overlaid onto live sports events for a better understanding of the game. As the game is in progress, the app collects data from pitcher/batter matchups, locations of hits and other stats, visualizing the data onto an augmented reality interface over the field. This allows fans (as well as tech-savvy coaches and commentators, perhaps?) to get a sense of gaps that fielders haven’t yet spotted.

Mint Digital