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“Thimble”: Another smartphone enabled concept for the visually impaired


You might recall the very impressive “Blinput” concept by Scotland-based design student Erik Hals from earlier this month. Well now it seems that the visually impaired could be spoiled for choice with student design projects, as University of Washington design students Erik Hedberg and Zack Bennet offer up another, potential revolutionary, smartphone application for the blind. Continue reading


Modai cellphone forges emotional bond between user and electronics

modai cellphone concept

The trend

With majority of cellphone users looking for multiple functions in mobile handsets, the focus of smartphone designers has been shifting toward touch-sensitive phones that can meet communication as well as multimedia needs through a single device. The popularity of touch-sensitive handsets can well be measured with the fact that over 20 different touchscreen-enabled phones, though with diverse form and functions, have been released in past two years. Taking the mobile phone technology, evolving day after day, to a new level, designer Julius Tarng has come up with an innovative cellphone called the “Modai” that seems to forge emotional bonds between the user and electronic devices by persuading human behaviors and pushing the limits of mobile technology.

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Voim Smartphone for the Visually Impaired

Voim (seeing in Korean) is a smartphone concept for the blind that includes functions to make communication easier. It features route navigation, word recognition and object identification, which are displayed as braille on a silicon screen or transmitted as audio cues via the detachable bluetooth headset. Although smartphone applications & braille cell phones do exists, a full-fledged concept like this is a ways away.

Designers: Youngseong Kim & Eunsol Yeom

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NOKIA X70 Wallet


Nokia Wallet X70 is actually a mobile phone in your wallet. You can call him, write SMS messages, take pictures, use it as GPS navigation, music player, or to insert your credit card.

The concept is designed with two cameras.  One is for video and one that has a 5MP resolution, for photographing rare moments. There is also, of course, his dual LED flash.  The system can use either a capacitive touch screen or a full QWERTY keyboard.  Lacking in full-fledged life free navigation, speakers for music playback and even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Built-in memory is 8 GB, but the SD card does not count.  The operating system I chose an older S60 5th Edition.
Dimensions correspond to the classic purse. Wallet, so easily fits in any pocket. Weight in turn corresponds to your wallet full of money.

KDDI crafts gorgeous see-thru designer phone with LED sub-display and dual-mode radios (video)

KDDI launched a wave of new phones this morning, but this is the one we really want to hold — it’s called the X-RAY, and it’s one of two new products in the company’s iida designer brand. Crafted by Tokujin Yoshioka, it’s a high-end Japanese clamshell with a 1-Seg TV tuner, NFC payments, and an 8 megapixel camera — you know, the usual — but with a translucent case (also available in blue and black) that leaves nothing to the imagination. There’s a QSD8650 CDMA-ready Snapdragon in there, a GSM radio as well, a 7 x 102 pixel LED scrolling sub-display to display alerts and notifications, plus all the requisite chips and wires beautifully laid out. It’ll be on display in Harajuku this Tuesday, but there’s no word on availability or price quite yet. However, given that the prime accessory for the X-RAY is a solid crystal stand that makes the phone look like it’s floating on air, we probably don’t want to know. Video after the break.

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland

This mobile phone concept by London designer Patrick Hyland can be charged by the heat in your pocket.

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland

An integrated thermogenerator converts heat from any source into electrical energy to charge the phone, whether while being carried in your pocket or placed on top of a radiator.
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Griffin teams up with Iceberg Kids on an iPhone case designed for snuggling


Parents tired of telling their children that their iPod or iPhone is “not a toy” (when even the toddler knows the truth) should take a look at this $20 plushy accessory. Part protective case, part interactive children’s toy, the Woogie is a sort of “Tickle Me iPhone” that converts devices into virtually indestructible playmates.
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